REGULAMIN GRAVmageddON. Karkonosze – Izery Gravel Race 2022 – english version

  1. General Provisions

1.1. Ultramarathon „GRAVmageddON. Karkonosze – Izery Gravel Race” (GRAVmageddON for sort) is a bicycle rally addressed to advanced cyclists experienced in road, off-road and MTB riding. It has a competition formula, with the final classification established on the basis of individual travel times. The final classification is determined concerning specific equipment categories and separately for Males and Females.

1.2. Legally, GRAVmageddON is not covered by the concept of a mass event and is not subject to the provisions on the organization of mass events.

1.3 GRAVmageddON offers the possibility of an alternative choice of two distances: LONG with a route length of approx. 350 km and an approximate elevation of 7.5 thousand meters and SHORT with a route length of approx. 150 km and an approximate over 2,900 meters. The participant is free to choose one of these two distances. It is not possible to change the distance after the start.

GPX file with LONG route available here:

GPX file with SHORT route available here:

The start of the LONG distance will take place on August 5, 2022 from 07.00 AM from a designated place in Szklarska Poręba zip code 58-580. The time limit for completing the route is 60 hours and ends on August 7, 2022 at 7.00 PM.

The start of the SHORT distance will take place on August 6, 2022 from 07.00 AM from a designated place in Szklarska Poręba zip code 58-580. The time limit for completing the route is 36 hours and ends on August 7, 2022 at 7.00 PM.

1.4. GRAVmageddON route runs on the territory of Poland: in the Giant Mountains, in the Jizera Mountains, in the Rudawy Janowickie, in the Izerskie Foothills, in the Bóbr Valley, in the Jelenia Góra Valley, along forest, field and asphalt roads – all perfectly suited for gravel bikes. The route runs in the form of a loop, which means that the finish is located in the same place as the start is. The final shape / course of the routes will be presented to participants minimum 7 days before the date of the event. In the event of exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (e.g. sudden weather changes, breakdowns of dams, bridges or footbridges, work that has not been planned previously by the administrators of roads, forests or other areas, preventing passage or other), the Organizer reserves the right to change the route no later than 9.00 PM on the day before the competition.

1.5. The competition follows the „selfsupport” formula, ie self-sufficiency in terms of riding the designated route, accommodation, provisioning, equipment repairs. As a rule, each participant should have equal access to all „services” and conditions available on the route. It is forbidden to use external help from people who are not participants of the event. Mutual assistance between competitors is allowed.

1.6. The Organizer lends the Participant an electronic device (tracker) that allows to track the location of the Participant at a given moment. In the event of loss of the tracker, the Participant covers the reimbursement of its value in the amount of PLN 500,00. The battery built-in the tracker should ensure the operation of the device within the prescribed limit, however, in special cases, the Participant should take into account the possible need to recharge it herself/himself.

1.6. During the journey, the Participant should have an appropriate, functional device (telephone, GPS navigation) that will allow him to travel along the designated route, as well as for possible contact between the Organizer and the Participant and vice versa.

1.7. Under pain of disqualification, the participant is obliged to follow the GPS track provided by the Organizer. Participant is allowed to leave the route, but must return to it in the same place where the she or he left the route.

1.8. The participant takes part in the GRAVmageddON voluntarily and exclusively at her or his own risk. It is recommended that Participants have accident-insurance and civil-liability-insurance. The Organiser does not provide personal-accident insurance or any other kind of insurance and shall not be liable for any damage caused by an act or omission of a Participant. By signing up and paying the entry fee the Participant declares that she or he bears full responsibility for her or his actions or omissions in connection with active participation in the Ultramarathon.

1.9. Acceptance of these Rules and Regulations is tantamount to a statement by the Participant that she or he accepts the lack of any liability of the Organizer for material damages, health impairment or death of a Participant during the Ultramarathon.

1.10. Prior to the start, the Participant shall submit a written statement in which she or he declares that at the time of the start she or he has no medical or health contraindications and that her or his state of well-being on the day of the start of the sporting event, according to the Participant’s subjective assessment, does not indicate the possibility of any health ailments that would cause direct danger to the Participant’s life or health. Any health impairment resulting from participation in the sporting event shall not give rise to any liability of the Organizer towards the Participant. Due to the high level of difficulty of the Ultramarathon (GRAVmageddON), only people in very good physical condition, in good health and with no contraindications to take part in a long-distance ultramarathon should take part.

2. Equipment

2.1. The start is allowed on bicycles moved solely by muscle power.

2.2. Bicycles with any motor assisted propulsion are prohibited.

2.3. The participant is solely responsible for the technical condition of the bicycle used in the race. A technically efficient bicycle shall be equipped in accordance with the provisions of the „Polish Traffic Law” and shall ensure safe cycling at night or in conditions of limited visibility – thus it shall have an above-standard front lamp and an active (electrically powered) rear lamp. Due to the mountainous terrain, the participant is absolutely obliged to check the correct operation of the braking system before the start. It is not allowed to start on a technically faulty bicycle.

2.4. It is not allowed to cover the route in any other way – e.g. transporting the bike and the participant by another means of transport.

2.5. Any equipment malfunctions should be repaired on your own or with the help of bike services available to other participants.

2.6. Changing bikes during the race is not allowed. This condition may be waived only in exceptional situations with the consent and knowledge of the Organizer.

3. Race and participation

3.1. In accordance with para. 1.3. starts will be held respectively on 05/08/2022 and 06/08/2022 from 7.00 AM in a formula adapted to the prevailing pandemic situation. The organizer will consider a joint start or start of groups of competitors in a fixed time interval.

3.2. The route is made available to participants by the organizer in the form of gpx files and is obligatory for all participants.

3.3. In case the competitor encounters unforeseen terrain difficulties, it is possible to change the route to the extent necessary to make the detour – however, the fact of occurrence of such obstacles should be confirmed by gpx tracks of other Participants.

3.4. All extreme situations on the route – accidents, fortuitous events, equipment failures that cannot be repaired, resignation from further ride and other unforeseen cases should be reported to the Organizer by phone. The phone number will be placed on the competition number.

3.5. Due to the fact that the Organizer does not plan to mark, exclude or restrict traffic on any of the public roads along the route of the race, each Participant shall, during the duration of the race, constantly move in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Road Traffic Law and with particular caution. The Organizer shall not be liable for any injuries to Participants or any damage to other Participants or third parties sustained during the Ultramarathon (GRAVmageddON).

3.6. The GRAVmageddON route leads through mountainous areas. The Organizer does not foresee and is not responsible for the marking of places that could create danger for the competitors, such as unforeseen holes, cavities, sinkholes or uneven road surfaces, broken or damaged bridges or footbridges, fallen trees or branches, damage to all kinds of barriers or other elements protecting the terrain. Any collapses or abysses in the immediate vicinity of the GRAVmageddON route will also not be secured by the Organizer in any way. Therefore, participants are required to exercise extreme caution throughout the race.

3.7. Due to the course of the route through mountain areas, competitors throughout the race route are absolutely required to have appropriate equipment in the event of weather changes, such as sudden cooling, heavy rains, hail, storms or strong winds, but also in the event of a breakdown or accident, taking into account the time needed to provide assistance. The competitor is solely responsible for wearing appropriate clothing, including spare clothes, and food.

3.8. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or change the date of the Ultramarathon for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control, in particular due to the epidemic situation related to SARS-CoV-2, unfavorable weather conditions that may endanger the life and health of the Participants, or other unforeseen events.

4. Charges

4.1. The participant registers for a distance of his choice (LONG or SHORT) at the address…./

4.2. After submitting the application, the participant receives information on the further procedure, including details on the payment of relevant fees, to the e-mail address provided during registration.

4.3. Within 7 days from the date of registration (the date of receipt on the Organiser’s account), the participant is obliged to pay the registration fee in the amount of PLN 100.00. The registration fee is a handling fee and is not refundable in the event of resignation from participation (EXCEPTION: By 31/12/2021, the Organizer allows the resignation and transfer of the registration fee to another indicated participant.) The confirmation of payment of the registration fee will be available on the organizer’s website, at the „Registration – registration list” tab.

4.4. The basic starting fee is gross (taking into account the benefits specified in point 5):

– PLN 200.00 if it is paid by 28/02/2022.

– PLN 250.00 if it is paid by 30/06/2022.

4.5. The entry fee should be paid without being called within the time limit specified in point 4.4. to the organizer’s account, with the indication „KIGR entry fee – name and surname” in the transfer title. Confirmation of payment of the entry fee will be available on the organizer’s website in the „Registration – starting list” tab.

4.6. The starting fee is refundable if the competitor resigns from participation within 14 days from the date of the start (after this date, the competitor receives from the Organizer the starter package provided for in the event for participants, excluding the finisher’s T-shirt).

4.7. Less than 14 days before the start, the entry fee may be refunded only if the participant provides a person taking over his starter package and a place on the start list.

4.8. The entry fee may also be refunded in the event of cancellation or change of the date of the ultramarathon for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer.

5. Benefits

5.1. As part of the starting fee, the participant receives from the Organizer:

– starter pack containing a set of accessories related to the event

– „Racebook” with a detailed description of the route, possible accommodation, shops and restaurants

– the route designated and agreed with the area managers in the gpx electronic file format

– meal (pastaparty) on the day before start and at the time of reaching the finish line

– at least two „pitstops” (LONG) and at least one „pitstop” (SHORT) on the route with access to electricity, drinking water, energy snacks (fruit, confectionery), places for possible rest

– a finisher’s T-shirt and medal

5.2. The organizer of the event is „M2Promotion Mariusz Lickiewicz, ul. Obrońców Westerplatte 23, 59-700 Bolesławiec. NIP 691-100-10-59 „

5.3. The organizer is an entity with third party liability insurance for the organized event.

5.4. Contact to the organizer:,

Mariusz – mob. 793180003

Łukasz – mob. 694430911